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Human Resources Objective



Our objective; in addition to our primary objective which is "to continue serving the world our firsts",we will have additional three new objectives which are "to open to new markets", "to always improve our technology" and "to create new field of activities" in which we will pave the way to reach our destination with all our might by the year 2020. Our aim and responsibility as Sumitomo Rubber AKO is to be a company which;


• Favors our 400 year old Sumitomo business spirit,

• Develops a sense of shared values,

• Has strong communication skills and is active,

• Is selfless when it comes to reaching long-term and high goals,

• Has a sense of social responsibility awareness,

• Aims to continuously grow by creating new values,

• Advances as a reliable global company,

• And to be the most wanted company to for work.


Our management mentality is; to be always open to continuous development, to rightfully value our employees dignity and to support their education which will equal to a happy, peaceful, healthy and a consistent business environment.


Our goal; on the one hand is to act responsibly towards our society, on the other hand to contribute to our community while considering the happiness of all our employees, by continuing to be a trusted global firm that aims to help our consumers lives be a lot more confortable and have attractive values to the outside.


We are searching for team members who will give a new direction to the world with us.





In the year 1888, a Scotsman named J.B. Dunlop created the first pneumatic tire. We come from a working approach of a man who created the first pneumatic tyre.


In the year 1909, the first tire in Japan was produced. We, who started as the leader of the world market, later got challegened by newcomer competition.


In order to survive such a period like this, we choose our strategy as "always be at the forefront of the competition". Inorder for our lineage to continue, we chose to stay at the forefront of the race instead of winning. There was no other way. History has proved this stragety to be the right choice.


We, who uncovered worlds first regarding tires, produced tubeless tires which doesn't quickly flatten even if the tire blows, in Japan and proved once more that we follow our strategy: "always be at the forefront of the competition".


Being first is our administrative tactic. The world is still following us. Apart from the general understanding that petrolium is needed to create a tire, we proved the world wrong by creating a completely natural tire that uses 0 petrolium based by-products.


The SUMITOMO DNA and working principles that we inherited from hundreds of years ago, still encourages us today.


Even now, we will continue to seek answers to the question "what can we to be the FIRST in this world" with an answer which no one yet knows, the answer in which the whole world will acknowledge.



As SUMITOMO RUBBER TURKEY, we will continue to strive for new values with our consistent, independent and innovative Sumitomo Rubber business soul to reach our 2020 goal: "to continue moving to our next goal".

For this, we will:


  1. 1. Be aware of the current problem
    2. Think logically regarding any events
    3. Be a leader and pull our surroundings to the work to find a solution
    4. Undertake a work on our own initiative


We are looking forward to working with you and making SUMITOMO RUBBER AKO grow big and be the best company.


You can use the below link to apply for a job position.